What is Marugen FPJ's "creative trade"?

Creative Trading

What is Marugen FPJ's "creative trade"?

Discovering unknown deliciousness and attractive food culture from the world,
With overseas suppliers and domestic manufacturers
Pursuing and providing style and quality that suits the Japanese market.
That is Marugen FPJ's "Creative trade"am.

Our eating habits change with the times.
Marugen FPJ is not just a trading company that trades things.
We are a company that creates the future by proposing foods that are exciting and surprising.

Since its establishment in 1974, as a food trading company of the Marugen Group
We continue to propose and create new food cultures.

From the world on food trends with an information antenna.
Marugen FPJ, which has a track record of more than 50 years in the food trade, has information antennas all over the world. We will not only find food trends, but also identify the value as potential needs one step ahead, select them, and introduce only meaningful information. We are navigators of the world's food culture..

A strong bond with overseas suppliers.
Relationships with reliable overseas suppliers are important in order to provide the world's food products according to Japanese lifestyle and required quality. The farms and processing companies that we are affiliated with are all excellent partners who can respond to Japan-quality product development, quality control, and technological innovation. We are also actively discovering suppliers from rare production areas such as Central and South America and South Africa.

As a compass for food manufacturers.
Marugen FP listens to the voices of product developers, analyzes the market, and creates differentiated and valuable products together with manufacturers. The ingredients and information we provide from around the world have been used by many manufacturers as a compass for product development. As a member of the Marugen Group, our strength is that we can provide ingredients that have a proven track record in practical use.